Concrete Screw

TOGE TSM Shear-Connector

Fast and economical solution for the rehabilitation of structures

TOGE shear-connectors are a specially designed and building authority approved solution to subsequently increase the payload of concrete structures (bridge, slabs, etc.). The quick and user-friendly installation without the use of chemical admixtures allows an economical and simple rehabilitation of structures. A special plate enables easy connection of the reinforcement and can be used as an option if required.

TOGE TSM Shear-Connector – At a Glance

Approved by building authorities as a shear-connector.

Fast Installation

Force Transmission

Transmission of forces in existing concrete by undercutting technique.

Force Transmission

Transmission of forces in the new concrete via shear studs.


Hole corrugation disc optionally serves to support or tie the rebars.

Headshapes and Materials

01 | TSM BC 12 SW 22 AB

Hexagonal head – steel, blank

01 | TSM BC 12 SW 22 AB

Hexagonal head – steel, blank

02 | TSM BC Disc

Hole corrugating disc (optional) – steel, blank

02 | TSM BC Disc

Hole corrugating disc (optional) – steel, blank

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Application examples

Shear-connector under the asphalt surface


Approvals | Installation instructions | Technical information


Base Materials

Application in cracked and non-cracked concrete
of strength classes from C20/25 to C50/60.

This is how easy the installation works:

  1. Create borehole.
  2. Clean the borehole thoroughly.
  3. Discard three full strokes of composite mortar – then inject composite mortar (optional).
  4. Screw in concrete screw.
  5. Hammer spacer onto screw head (optional).


Technical Information

General technical approval

General technical approval

European technical assessment
ETA 06/0124

European technical assessment
ETA 15/0514

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